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Beyond Their Dreams

Mildred J. Nash           softcover                                  90 pages         $5.95

 Catching the Light         

Lynn Cozma                  softcover                               92 pages          $5.95

A Community At Prayer          

Alfred C.  Payne           softcover                               158 pages        $9.50

Dancing at Big Vein       

Clyde Kessler               saddle stitched                      32 pages          $5.50

Facts, fantasies, and folklore about snakes

Hubert J.  Davis               saddle stitched                 34 pages          $7.50

From Lions to Lincoln: the life of Dan French   

Fran Hartman                   softcover                           104 pages        $6.95

The Shining Place           

Simone Pavier-Bures                  softcover                  96 pages           $10.95

The Land Stacks Up

       Preston Newman                      softcover                 144 pages           $8.95

Robins and Other Messengers           

Patrick Simpson                          softcover                  48 pages           $5.95

The Dove Always Cried   

       Marguerite Bigler Stoltz                  softcover                  92 pages           $8.95


Marjorie N. Cherry                          softcover                  102 pages           $10.95

From massacre to matriarch: six weeks in the life of Fanny Scott           

Clara Talton Fugate                  softcover                  92 pages           $8.95

It all starts with counting: a short guide to old-fashioned arithmetic         

Dr. Edgar Bennett Blum            spiral                       122 pages        $10.00

Keys to Soil Taxonomy, 10th Edition, 2006

Soil Survey Staff                       softcover                 678 pages         $30.00

Memory’s Glass          

William Fox Conner                  softcover                   152 pages        $12.95

More than a ballgame: an inside look at minor league baseball   

Sam Lazzaro                            softcover                 292 pages         $18.95

Night and light and the half-light

Henry George Fisher                softcover                    72 pages         $ 6.00

Ophelia's legs and Other Poems

Teresa Courtney Gillsepie         softcover                   133 pages        $9.50  

Quarter acre of Heartache

Claude Clayton Smith             hardcover                  168 pages        $12.95

The quick tests: the life and work of Dr. Armand J. Quick        

Edith Ethel                                softcover                   454 pages       $16.95

Red Men in Red Square            

Claude Clayton Smith               softcover                      335 pages       $16.95

 Sammy Seahorse teaches chess

Donald Bloss                            softcover                       192 pages       $11.95

 Seining the Air for Sparrows

Cecil J.  Mullens                       saddle stitched                44 pages          $5.95

What will the weather be?        

Hubert J.  Davis                        saddle stitched              52 pages           $5.95

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