I Declare God's Word Is True


A 366-day Power-Packed Devotional Book for Busy People

Travelogue in Economic Geography

Connie Wohlford

 The benefits of declaring truths from the Bible every day—saying it like you mean it—can have a powerful impact on one’s life and well-being, surprising even the sceptic.

One who uses I Declare—God’s Word is True daily, prayerfully, and sincerely will:
➢  Receive a brief, relevant daily dose of God’s Word.
➢  Gain knowledge and understanding of Bible truths and promises.
➢  Maintain a consistent connection with God and His Word.
➢  Have the opportunity to make Bible truths and promises personal, as one speaks them forth into one’s life and the lives of loved ones.
➢  Grow in awareness of the power of God’s Word.
➢  Grow stronger in personal faith.
➢  Be equipped with faith-building truths that will help one overcome daily trials.
➢  Grow in the development of a biblical worldview.
➢  Grow one’s personal relationship with the Word of God and its Author.
➢  Be strengthened in one’s own God-given purpose and calling.
➢  Build confidence in one’s own personal experience with God, and thus be a more effective witness to others.
➢  Grow in the ability to speak truth into one’s own life and the lives of others.

As you put this devotional book to use in your life I pray God will richly bless you and help you become more like Jesus and that, more and more each day, you’ll walk in the abundant life God designed for you. Let’s praise God together for His wonder-filled Word. These things I pray for you in Jesus name—Amen.

As fellow sojourners, let’s pray for and encourage one another along the way.


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