The Lyric Theater, The Heart of Blacksburg

$23.00.  8 X 9, 96 pages

Non-Fiction, by The Lyric Council


Blacksburg's Lyric Theatre on College Avenue may be a familiar scene to you. But do you know what the very first Lyric in Blacksburg looked like in 1909? Would you like to know more about the heart-warming community of hard-working volunteers who restored and re-opened the theatre in 1998?

Longtime Blacksburg residents Lesley Howard, Su Clauson-Wicker and Cheryl Wood Ruggiero tell the story of the theatre through sometimes moving and often amusing first person accounts of many local residents and friends of the Lyric.

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*             Which Lyric founder ran away to Wyoming to be a cowboy before settling down back in town?
*        Who palled around with 1930s Hollywood bigwigs in order to get films to show in small-town Blacksburg?
*           Who used to sneak in the side door as a boy to watch movies through the back of the screen?
*            What happened to the original comedy/tragedy masks that graced the roofline?
*             Who has heard the Lyric's ghost wailing from the balcony?
*           Which Lyric volunteers have gone on to film-making careers?
*            What about all those first dates, marriage proposals, and even weddings at the Lyric?
*           And how about that volunteer cast of hundreds!
*           And the live shows!
*           And the shared times...