Nellie Grey Canterbury

Nellie Gray Canterbury was born in 1933, the fifth girl in a family of six.  She lived in West Virginia until 1940 when her family moved to Cambria so that her father could work at the Radford Arsenal.  Because of rationing during World War II the family moved back to the farm in West Virginia.  Then her father's health was failing and they moved to Hinton, WV, where she went to school.  She married her high school sweetheart, and they had two boys.  Her husband was killed on a construction job while her boys were pre-school age.

She had a son and daughter with her next husband who abandoned her and the children after 10 years of marriage.  She has been writing for many years.  She has a book of poetry called, Rhymes and Reflections, which reflects her disappointments and obstacles in life.  Her novel, The Visit, is autobiographical in nature and reads like a book from the early 1900s.  Her children's book, A Dog Tale as Told by "Luey" the Beagle, based on the life of her son's beagle.  She has also published a poem about her father, Fishin' Andy, about her father catching a large catfish.